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Messenger South Cheshire rock covers band



Messenger South Cheshire rock covers band?


Well - here we are!  A 5 piece female fronted rock covers band.  Two of us live in Cheshire, three in Staffordshire. 

Julie and John (guitarist) had previously been in South Cheshire based covers band The Clones and after a few years of not being in bands decided it was about time they got something sorted.  After forming a 4 piece early in  2012 things were progressing but sadly the bass player and then the drummer had to drop out due to changes in personal circumstances.

A replacement drummer was found who brought along a friend of his Paul (a guitarist), although we were still looking for a bass player.  Paul stayed.  Garry (bass) auditioned and we were delighted when he said he wanted in.

So Messenger began it's 5 piece journey.

July 2013 we hosted our launch party and managed to get a few gigs booked in.  Then early 2014 our drummer had to leave.  We managed to gig a few times with a fantastic stand-in drummer (who happens to be in quite a number of other bands as well), then in February 2014 we auditioned and managed to secure Jonny.  Sadly our Paul had to leave us but awesome guitarist Dave joined us in January 2015.

Jonny left us in April 2016 and is spending time with 2 other bands as well as doing a lot of "jammin'".  Drummer Lee was able to join us whilst his other band are taking some time out to start a family.

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